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> STUNS - STupid UNcompreSsor
Jun 1 2013, 15:00
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Walter Sullivan

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Собрал новую версию.

STUNS v1.1
© CTPAX-X Team 2013-2018, Andrew Frolov aka FAL 2004

v1.1 [2018.03.26]
o UCL/NRV compression (ucl2b and ucl2d) returned back
o single file name replaced from "UNPACKED.###" to one specified with the -out option
o fixed typo ("is specified" -> "if specified")
o change help text so it will fit into 80x25 screen

v1.0 [2017.11.30]
o completely dropped old STUNS v0.x codebase
o GCC 3.2 with hacks instead of MSVC 6.0 - smaller executable size
o updated puff and blast from latest zlib sources
o dropped UCL/NRV compression (ucl2b and ucl2d) as rarely used
o changed output text: offset (hex), size (dec), algo, info
o new option to merge all output to a single file
o new option to view matched compressions and don't save anything

v0.5 [2016.08.17]
o minilzo: updated from v1.08 (2002) to v2.09 (2015) (fixes rare crash)
o UCL: just in case updated too from v0.92 (2000) to v1.02 (2003)
(new variants of compression formats like NRV2E and NRV2E-99 not included)

v0.4 [2016.06.26]
o Allow to set the scanning start offset for the input file (in hex)
o Allow to stop after a certain number of unpacked files has been reached
o Now if one or more compression algorithms are specified without the "-"
at the end, they will be the only ones used for unpacking

v0.3 [2014.03.31]
o PKWare: fixed a crash in output buffer overrun
o Deflate and PKWare: flag exhausted output buffer as normally unpacked (see the next note),
other libraries already work this way
o Output buffer won't be saved to disk if it reaches the end of an output memory block,
because this usually indicates an invalid input stream, so now instead of saving data
you'll get a warning message like this one:
> PKWare: Failed! Output buffer 256 Mb exhausted at: 0 (0x0)
if you still want to save these files, try to increase the memory block size
or you can disable mentioned compression library (if you don't need it)
to speed up the unpacking process
o Fixed typo in the usage text ("addind" -> "adding")

v0.2 [2013.06.01]
o Updated zlib modules:
- puff (Deflate) updated to v2.3
- blast (PKWare) replace "blast.c" with original
o Temporary file "$$$tmp$$$.$$$" replaced with output memory block
o Allow to change output memory block size from command line
o Allow to skip creation for files less than specified size from command line
o Change output file names from "%04x" to "%08X"
o Some tweaks to reduce final executable size

>>> stuns11.zip <<<

Старая версия, больше не поддерживается:
Old codebase version, not supported anymore:

Русским языком:
- больше не создаётся временный файл в 256 Мб (у меня из-за него иногда места на диске нехватало), а выделяется блок памяти
- размер этого блока памяти можно настроить через командную строку, например: -mem128 отведёт уже 128 Мб памяти
- наконец-то (!!!) добавлена возможность пропускать файлы меньше чем указанный размер, чтобы не рыться в том, что не нужно: -skip123 пропустит файлы размером <=123 байта
- пара косметических изменений

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